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Our Vision:

To provide the community with convenient and affordable prepared food made with seasonal, organic and locally grown ingredients, along with nutritious beverages. Our intention is that this will stimulate the local agriculture and the local economy while building a sustainable future and educating the community about health and nutrition.


Whole Heart Cafe strives to:

  • meet the growing community demand for convenient and affordable locally-sourced foods.

  • meet the demands of those who crave healthy, delicious food-proving that the two not only CAN go together, but SHOULD! Our menu includes soups, salads, sandwiches and seasonal breakfast and lunch dishes to eat in the cafe or to go.

  • be the premier establishment for vegetarian, vegan and gluten/allergy-free dishes in town.

  • strengthen our local food system, returning to a time when downtowns were thriving and our children knew where vegetables came from - local food economies are the fastest growing economies in our entire country!

  • offer a wide, seasonal variety of meals using only top quality ingredients from area producers, stimulating the local agricultural community and local economy. 

  • eliminate our dependency on industrial agriculture. No more supporting a system that ships our food an average of 1,500 miles (farm to table), at the expense of small, local farms. We believe in strengthening our local food system. We are all about getting to know your farmer! 

  • revitalize a building that has been in the hands of multiple generations of strong female independent business owners.


Who We Are:


The Local Food Market & Cafe is the brain child of Chastity Mydlenski, owner of the OMG Health Food Store in Homer.  The market is a full-service grocery store, sourcing products as locally as possible.  As a community member and mom, Chastity is committed to ensuring that all residents have access to nutritious foods that support the well-being of our community. 


Sheila Cohen is delighted to have helped to make Chastity's brilliant vision a reality. 





About the Café

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